Decisions on a preliminary launch plan for Calmark's products for global markets have now been taken by the Board

Decisions on a preliminary launch plan for Calmark's products for global markets have now been taken by the Board

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The Board of Directors of Calmark Sweden AB has decided on a preliminary launch plan for the company's products. In the first phase, launches are taking place in the Nordic countries, the UK and Vietnam, and then increased in step two with more countries in Europe, as well as in Singapore, Malaysia and India.

Since the CE marking of Calmark's first test is estimated to be completed up to 6 months earlier than expected, the work of planning the global launch of the products has started. A thorough analysis has been carried out in order to build the preliminary launch plan, which takes into account the number of estimated births in the future, health care systems, growth, child mortality and established contacts.

Market analyzes have been carried out together with Ablona AB and Luctor Medical. In the first phase, the products are planned to be launched on the domestic market in the Nordic region. The UK and Vietnam are also part of the first phase and are being processed in parallel. The launch plan will be expanded in phase two with more countries in Europe and Southeast Asia. Registrations and distributor networks will primarily be applied for in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Given its size, India is then judged to be an interesting market for Calmark's launch. According to WHO's calculations, approximately 300 million children will be born in India by 2030.

For the important markets China and the USA, registration is planned, corresponding to the CE marking that is now in progress and which applies to Europe, to begin within a 3 year period.

Calmark plans to sell its products through a broad distributor network with the support of an international sales manager who is now being recruited and is expected to be on board in August 2019.

"It feels very exciting to begin to realize the global launch plan," says Anna Söderlund, CEO of Calmark. "Calmark is now entering an intensive phase to build a global sales organization consisting of a small number of experienced and competent key persons who will handle the network of distributors we sign agreements with."