Calmark's COVID-19 instrument has been registered in India

Calmark's COVID-19 instrument has been registered in India

Calmark Sweden AB's instrument, used to measure LDH levels in COVID-19 patients, has been registered by the Indian authorities. Associated tests are still under registration process. Registration of medical devices is mandatory before the sales start.

Calmark is collaborating with the company r2 Hemostasis Diagnostics India Private Ltd regarding the launch, registration and sales in the Indian market. The company has very good contacts with Indian authorities and has quickly started the registration process. Calmark's instrument "POC-Analyzer Covid" has now been registered, the associated rapid tests for LDH are still in the process.

"I am very impressed with the work r2 Hemostasis Diagnostics does for us in India", comments CEO Anna Söderlund. "They have familiarized themselves with the product in a short time and handle the contacts with the authorities and the registration process in a very efficient and professional way."

Calmark POC - Covid is a platform consisting of an instrument and a test cassette for measurement of the lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) biomarker in the blood of COVID-19 patients. Elevated levels of LDH are associated with a higher risk of severe disease and death in COVID-19 patients. The platform can be used in, e.g., emergency rooms and hospital wards to assess the required level of care.

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