Calmark's Board of Directors proposes that a new Chairman of the Board be elected by the AGM

Calmark's Board of Directors proposes that a new Chairman of the Board be elected by the AGM

Ahead of the Annual General Meeting, which will be held on 14 May, the Board of Directors proposes that Kjersti Berg Marthinsen be elected to replace the founder Mathias Karlsson as the Chairman of the Board of Calmark. Mathias Karlsson will remain on the board and leads the Medical Advisory Board of the Company.

Mathias Karlsson is the co-founder of Calmark and has served as the Chairman of the Board since 2016. Mathias holds an M.D. from Karolinska Institutet and completed his doctoral thesis, in the field of perinatal asphyxia, on the LDH biomarker (lactate dehydrogenase) which laid the foundation for the Company.

"Calmark has seen an astounding development since its inception in 2007, and the company is well equipped for the global market launch and start of sales. I am very confident about the future and I believe that the time has come to hand the chairmanship over to Kjersti. Now that Calmark is entering the clinical reality, I want to use my background as a chief physician of clinical chemistry and researcher to contribute to that process," says Mathias Karlsson. "I have a great deal of faith in Kjersti; her experience of project management related to organizational improvements will serve her well when she leads the board."

Kjersti Berg Marthinsen has been a member of the board of Calmark since 2018, and has extensive experience as a consultant both nationally and internationally with assignments within strategy, organizational development, management and control. Kjersti holds a M.Sc. in strategy from Handelshögskolen BI in Oslo, and is currently working at Effect Management Development AB where she is partner and consulting manager.

"I am very proud to have been proposed to chair the Board of Directors of Calmark Sweden AB in this pivotal stage of the Company's development," says Kjersti Berg Marthinsen. "I see tremendous potential in the company and its products; POC diagnostics is a rapidly growing area and Calmark's offering is strong. It is also good to know that Mathias will remain on the board so that he can continue to share his knowledge."

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