Calmark Sweden AB submits two additional patent applications

Calmark Sweden AB submits two additional patent applications

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Calmark Sweden AB announces that two more patent applications are submitted as of today. The patent relates to the company's single-use item and the test method for bilirubin. This further strengthens the company's patent protection in preparation of the market introduction of the company's products for point-of-care analyses developed for newborns.

Patent applications on the single-use item and bilirubin testing have been submitted

Calmark Sweden AB today submits two patent applications, one for the company's single-use item and one for the test method for bilirubin. This means that the company, together with previously granted patents, now has an innovative and cost-effective technical solution for its products. The patent for the single-use item ensures, on the one hand, exact blood volume for the test and, secondly, an exact time for when the chemical reaction starts. Both of these variables are of the utmost importance in order to ensure reliable test results. The patent for bilirubin is a method patent that secures Calmark's reading technique. The patents have been developed in close cooperation with our patent agent Hynell Patenttjänst. The current patent applications are expected to be public in about 15 months.

CEO Anna Söderlund comments: “For Calmark Sweden AB, user-friendliness is extremely important

Using our products should be easy, anywhere in the world, and even in stressful situations. With these technical solutions, the user does not need to do any extra manual work, for example to measure the amount of blood with pipette or capillary tubes, while minimizing the risk of error values. The inventions make Calmark's single-use item user-friendly and patient-safe while being inexpensive to produce. “Time and blood volume are of course also important for other tests than those with which Calmark works. Since most of the point-of-care analyses available on the market today include some form of single-use item. Our technical solution differs significantly from the solutions available today. High bilirubin causes jaundice in babies which is a potentially dangerous condition in newborns. Bilirubin is the most common blood test run during the first week of life. Our method patent makes it possible to measure bilirubin levels both in and outside the hospital.” says Anna Söderlund.