Calmark Sweden AB submits two additional patent applications

Calmark Sweden AB submits two additional patent applications

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Calmark Sweden AB announced that two additional patent applications are being filed as of today. The patents relate to the company's disposable product and test method for bilirubin levels. This further strengthens the company's patent protection for the market introduction of the company's products for point-of-care analyses developed for newborns.

Patent applications for the disposable product and bilirubin testing have been submitted

Today, Calmark Sweden AB has filed two patent applications relating to the company's disposable product and respective test method for bilirubin levels. This means that the company now has an innovative and cost-effective technical solution for their products, in addition to the previously granted patents. The patent for the disposable product ensures both an accurate blood volume for the test and a precise time for when the chemical reaction begins. Both of these variables are of the utmost importance to be able to provide reliable test results. The patent relating to the bilirubin level is a process patent which ensures Calmark's assessment technology. Patents are developed in close cooperation with our patent agent, Hynell Patent Service. The current patent applications are expected to be published in approximately 15 months.


CEO Anna Söderlund comments:

"At Calmark Sweden AB, user-friendliness is extremely important. It should be easy to use our products anywhere in the world, as well as in stressful situations. These technical solutions reduce the extra amount of work involved for the user, for example, in manually measuring the amount of blood with a pipette or capillary tube, while simultaneously minimizing the risk of error.

The inventions make Calmark's disposable product user-friendly and patient-safe, in addition to being inexpensive to produce. 

"Time and blood volume are also important, of course, for tests other than those that Calmark works with. As a result, most point-of-care analyses available on the market today undoubtedly include some form of disposable item. Our technical solution differs considerably from the solutions available at present. 

High bilirubin levels cause jaundice in children and is a potentially dangerous condition for newborns. This is why bilirubin tests are the most common blood test taken during the first week of life. Our process patent makes it possible to measure the bilirubin level both inside and outside of hospitals." says Anna Söderlund.

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Calmark Sweden AB is a medical technology company engaged in the research and development of point-of-care diagnostic products intended for newborns. The company is developing a point-of-care (POC) analysis method that can provide decision-making support in the care of newborns more quickly and easily than existing methods. As a first step, Calmark will offer three important point-of-care tests for an infant's first week of life. The triple diagnostics is expected to be ready for production during the fourth quarter of 2019, with the launch planned for areas of Europe and Asia in 2020. Calmark intends to generate revenue through the sale of the reader and disposable products. Our goal is to become a leading player in POC diagnostics for newborns and, in the long term, to supply all relevant tests for the newborn's first period of life. Read more about Calmark at