Calmark builds the organization ahead of launch - strengthens the team with a Clinical Director

Calmark builds the organization ahead of launch - strengthens the team with a Clinical Director

Calmark's introduction of the CE marking for the bilirubin test ahead of time plan, see press release from 20190121, means that the company is now entering a new phase with strengthening the organization prior to launch and sale. First out is the role of Clinical Director and today an agreement was signed with Emma Lif.

Emma Lif has a background as a nurse and midwife with a master's degree from Karolinska Institutet. She has a solid experience from childbirth, neonatal and maternal care in both private and public sector. Emma will be responsible for Calmark's planned clinical studies and her first task will be to organize and hold the study to be performed immediately after the CE marking of the bilirubin test. The centers that participate in the study will be able to start using the product directly after, since the CE marking has then taken place.

Emma Lif, ClinicalDirector Calmark

As Clinical Director, Emma Lif will also be responsible for the training of distributors and healthcare professionals and be a leader in the work of influencing important international opinion leaders.

"It will be really exciting and rewarding to work at Calmark to help improve the care for newborn babies, something I burned for my entire professional life" says Emma Lif. "I look forward to contributing with the experience I have from my 15 years in childbirth, neonatal and maternity care.”

“We are very happy to welcome Emma to the team,” says Anna Söderlund, CEO of Calmark. “Her experience from basically all of Calmark's upcoming customer segments will be an important addition. She has a winning personality that will make it easy for her to make contacts with – and understand the needs of – different customer groups and departments.”