Calmark announces updated launch plan

Calmark announces updated launch plan

Calmark Sweden AB (publ) today announced an updated plan for its global launch of the product Calmark Neo-Bilirubin. The focus will be on the markets where distributor agreements have been signed, i.e. Southeast Asia, the Middle East, southern Europe and the Nordics. Certain countries in VIA Global's network will also be prioritized.

Calmark's board of directors announced today an updated launch plan for its product Neo-Bilirubin. The company will focus resources on the markets where distributor agreements have been signed and registrations are in progress or have been completed. This means that the priority countries for the launch are the following:

• Vietnam, Laos och Cambodia (MTTS)

• India (r2 Diagnostics)

• Saudi Arabia (Ajlan & Bros)

• Iraq and Egypt (Enox Pharma)

• Greece (Prime Biosciences)

• Italy (Prisma)

• Certain countries within VIA Global Health, still to be specified.

The sales organization of Calmark has limited human resources and capacity. It is of the utmost importance that the distributors who now have agreements, get the support and material they need to make a successful launch. Only when these distributors have progressed further in their sales work will Calmark expand the launch to more markets. Primarily, then, the distributors who already have contracts for parts of their sales area will get extended contracts to more countries. Secondly, more countries in Europe will be launched.

“Calmark's products are suitable for all markets worldwide. However, we choose to prioritize the markets where we already have good collaborations and see that launch and sales can take place in the near future,” says Anna Söderlund, CEO at Calmark. “In the last six months, we have attracted several major distributors in volume markets, something we are very happy about.”