Products and Patents

Today, numerous samples from newborns are sent to hospital laboratories for analysis. This takes more time, requires a greater volume of blood and incurs higher costs due to extra labor for laboratory staff. Additionally, the tests are often inaccurate, as it is more difficult to obtain samples from newborns than from adults.

Calmark's Product

Calmark is developing a point-of-care (POC) diagnostic instrument to make measuring biomarkers for medical conditions in newborns easier and faster. The measuring instrument can document and measure results on the premises, in close proximity to the patient.
The company's POC instrument consists of a reader and a disposable product that is placed into the reader during measurement.

The disposable product consists of a separate chamber in which the blood sample is placed. When the lid of the reader closes, the disposable product is activated and the blood sample reaches the filter design. Some of the filters are permeated with chemicals, which react with the relevant substance and produce a color change. This sequence of events takes place in a matter of a few minutes and is patented by the company.

Tests in Development



Patent number Country Description
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1050958-6 Kina Testing system for determining hypoxia induced cellular damage
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1151116-9 USA In vitro method for analyzing a comparision of an indicative numberic value to a predetermined threshold so as to asses a likelihood of risk or presence of organ failure
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