Warrant redemption 2020

Application form (in Swedish)

Calmark Anmälningssedel – direktregistrerade innehav
If you have questions regarding the form, please contact Hagberg & Aneborn, phone 08-408 933 50 or email info@hagberganeborn.se.


You can turn on the subtitles in English for the Calmark product video.

Spotlight Stock Market

Spotlight Stock Market was founded as AktieTorget 1997 with a clear idea: to make it easier, safer and more visible for growth companies to be listed. Since the first day we have worked to help listed companies so that they can focus on growing and reaching their full potential. At Spotlight Stock Market, there are more than 170 listed growth companies from various industries. Spotlight Stock Market has 20 employees and is headquartered in Stockholm. Read more at  www.spotlightstockmarket.com

From a legal perspective, Spotlight Stock Market is a trading platform, also called MTF. Operation of a trading platform is a type of securities business in accordance with the Swedish Securities Market Act, and Spotlight Stock Market's operations are thus under the supervision of Finansinspektionen.