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Calmark's POC-system


The Calmark POC-Analyzer is a portable, battery-powered, self-instructional reader used with Calmark test cassettes (e.g. Calmark Neo-Bilirubin).

  • Easy to use and safe
  • The test result is displayed on the screen within two minutes
  • Battery capacity: at least 150 tests, charged via micro-USB connector, charger included.
  • Data storage: 25 results are stored locally in the instrument
  • Automatic calibration, no need for calibration accessories

The cassette contains a chamber, where the blood sample is applied. When the lid of the instrument is closed, the test is activated and the blood sample hits a filter structure. The detection filter is 2.5 x 2.4 mm and can be impregnated with chemistry, which, when reacting with the relevant substance in the blood, induces a color change.

Sampling can take place where the patient is, e.g. at the maternity ward or return visit clinic. The platform is adapted for a hospital environment and is intended for in vitro diagnostics.


Calmark Neo-Bilirubin is a test for quantitative measurement of the concentration of bilirubin in the whole blood of newborns and is used in conjunction with the Calmark POC-Analyzer.

  • Rapid quantitative measurement of bilirubin
  • Optimized for accurate analysis with just a few drops of blood
  • Measurement range150-500 µmol/L (9-29 mg/dL)
  • No interference from hemolysis up to 2g/L
  • Handles samples with hematocrit up to 60%

The analysis of the blood sample is done by a so-called colorimetric method where the color change in the filter is captured by a camera in the instrument. When the lid of the instrument is closed, the test is activated, the blood is filtered and the red blood cells are separated. Only the plasma is passed on to the detection filter, which may be impregnated with chemicals.

The detection filter changes color based on the specific biomarker. The intensity of the color and the speed of the color change determines the concentration of a biomarker.

The color reaction is analyzed by an algorithm in the instrument's software and converted into a numerical value, which is then presented to the user. This sequence of events occurs within a few minutes and is a process patented by Calmark.
For the Neo-Bilirubin test, no chemistry is needed as bilirubin itself is yellow.

Conducting a test

Step by step

1. Start the instrument with the lid closed. Wait until the above image appears on the screen.

2. Open the lid and place a new test cassette in the holder.

3. Fill the intended chamber completely with whole blood.

4. Close the lid of the instrument. The measurement starts automatically.

5. A numerical value is presented on the screen within two minutes.


Compare test method

Jaundice meter
Skin screening
Laboratory testing
Calmark Neo-Bilirubin
All ethnicities (skin colors)
Quantification 0 – 9 mg/dL – Low risk
Quantification 9 – 15 mg/dL – Medium risk
Quantification 15 – 29 mg/dL – High risk
Low blood volume (under 100 μL)
No handling of blood to extract plasma
No need to cover blood sample from light
Results within minutes
No interference from hemolysis (up to 2 g/L)
Accurate results at up to 60% hematocrit
No need for calibration
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