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    Calmark develops clinical relevant point of care biomarkers tests for new born, using a colorimetric method. Products are under development, more information coming.

About us

Management Team

Anna Söderlund, CEO, has more than 10 years of experience from Med Tech industry, including start-up companies and product development. She is Registered Nurse and has held senior positions with responsibility for clinical studies, global launching of products and international sales. Anna has previous worked at Jolife AB, LMA Ltd and Vivoline AB among others. She started as an external CEO in March 2016.

Ana Catarina Silva, Product Developer. Ana Catarina has a background within materials and medicinal chemistry, and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Lisbon, Portugal. Ana Catarina has strong academic experience from applied chemistry, drug development, and method development for bioanalysis e.g. paper-based diagnostic tests for DNA/RNA.

Board of Directors

Mathias Karlsson, chairman of the board, board member since 2007. Medical Director and founder of Calmark Sweden AB. The inventor of the Calmark method. Responsible for the medical development of the method. Mathias is a M.D. and holds a Ph.D. at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, within the field of perinatal asphyxia and the unique properties of specific cell damage markers that indicate the physiological status of conditions caused by an insufficient oxygen supply in tissue.

Hans Risberg, board member since 2014. Hans is a shareholder from start up of the company. Hans is partner of Norges Investor lV and investing in young entrepreneurs and their companies. He has a master of science in economics and after 15 years abroad working for Gränges Metallverken, ITT and STC HR started his own investment company. Founding partner in Ledstiernan, RnB and many other young companies.

Lars-Olov Hansson, board member since 2014. Lars-Olov has worked as clinical chemist at 5 of the university hospitals in Sweden (Linköping, Malmö, Danderyd, Karolinska and Uppsala) of these 12 years was at Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm and 4 years as laboratory director at Akademiska Laboratory, Akademiska Hospital, Uppsala. Lars-Olov has published more than 140 scientific articles, five chapters in books and actively participated in more than 50 international meetings. He is a member of the Swedish Association for Clinical Chemist, the Swedish doctors Association, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, an associated member the IFCC committee for plasma protein (C-PP), and member of the Swedish plasma protein Quality Control program in EQUALIS. Lars-Olov is today working as a consultant in laboratory medicine in Gävleborg County and Värmlands County, and as a medical business advisor to several diagnostics companies.

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